Grade 10 - Trigonometry Unit

Single Unit Course

Welcome to Grade 10 Trigonometry! The time has come for you to finally learn SOHCAHTOA! Are you ready? I think you’ll enjoy it. This course is a single unit course consisting of 6 fascinating lessons, a unit review, and a unit test.

For this course, you will start by opening and printing off a copy of the unit notes. You will need these notes to fill in what will be covered in the video lessons. At the end of each lesson is an assignment based on what was learned during that lesson. The answer keys are found on each lesson page so that you can check your answers, and use them as a reference if needed while completing the assignment.

Have a look through the unit in the following Class Curriculum to see exactly what topics will be discussed in this course. Have any questions? Let us know. We look forward to helping you complete this course!

Get started now!